Fare Well

After sixteen years in the City of Plantation, my house is under contract and I want to take this opportunity to convey some final thoughts.

Although I have removed myself from attending city meetings and election forums, I have kept up with them thanks to the Plantation Politics And Community Concerns Facebook Group and watched the entire Candidates Night, hosted by the Plantation Acres Homeowners Association and the Plantation Acres Woman’s Association that was shared from the Plantation Politics Forum, whomever that may be.


Have to say that my expectations of the present elected officials have been disappointing and disillusioning. Totally understand and respect differences on issues but when fully engaging within the political spectrum, I will not tolerate inequities of the law. Example: Corrupt Selective Code Enforcement

When one individual special interest is apparent in their gaining of special treatment is where I draw the line. When watching the Candidates Night, I am appalled at the actions that cater to the crowd when history dictates the opposite.

When incumbent elected officials pledge about transparency but their history demonstrates the opposite it is disillusioning in the process because these individuals are not held accountable. When someone does attempt to hold them accountable, in today’s environment they have “operatives” that work to discredit the individual.


With that being said, having lived in different states and cities from east to west, the City of Plantation is the most corrupt I have ever seen. Present City Council President and Mayoral candidate Lynn Stoner leads the pack and is the most evident of corruption. It may be legal to receive and accept contributions from developers, in my opinion, it is unethical to do so, and then SAY that it will not affect the result of decision of an issue brought before the city is just what it is, words, not actions.

Look at her actions, receives contribution in June, In July, Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Groups’ Pixl Project scheduled a hearing for the August 7th with the City of Plantation Planning and Zoning Board. Per conversations with Plantation Park East Homeowner Association attendee’s and other city employees, Lynn Stoner felt the project would hurt her Mayoral Campaign and had the project pulled until after the election.

Lynn Stoner has made comments during the campaign that she now favors a building moratorium  in the city and IF Lynn Stoner gets elected, it will be interesting what Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Group does.


You can understand my disillusionment when just trying to improve a communities quality of life both the City Council President Lynn Stoner and the Police Chief, W. Howard Harrison flat out lie to a resident to protect a developer. Although I have spoken to Police Chief W. Howard Harrison and have come to respect him for seeking me out and having a conversation about the issue, we have agreed to disagree on it. City Council President Lynn Stoner has yet to acknowledge or respond to my assertions but I never expected someone who cannot even confirm her educational background to respond.

During this campaign, I have seen City Council President Lynn Stoner invite people to the City Council Meetings but when they do show up, she treats them with no respect. Ridiculed people when she does not want to hear their opposition.

“Those People”

Throughout the years the City of Plantation, elected officials have marginalized both communities on the East side of the Florida Turnpike. The City of Plantation has failed to provide the same services it offers the residents on the west side of the Florida Turnpike.

Attending many meeting where the present Mayor has referred to the community as “Those People”, have also had Council Member Marl Hyatt literally refer to the community as “Those People” directly after my calling out the Mayor for doing it.

Have spoken to City Council President Lynn Stoner a few times about the issue and her response was that she had never said that but as I said to her and saying it to every council member, that if you do not speak out against the reference, you are condoning it and just as guilty as having referred to the community in that way.

Can now see that things like Code Enforcement and Police Patrolling seriously lacked during my time at my residence and effected property values and hindered commercial development within the State Road 7 / 441 corridor.

A great example of this claim is the Wood Stone Plantation project property that was seized through foreclosure in 2016 by a New York Developer. The community and property was allowed to decay over the years for the developer to snag a prime piece of real estate at a rock bottom price!

All I have heard has been the only way to get commercial development within the corridor is to increase density. My response is completely the opposite. If the City of Plantation provided the same level of public services to the community, the commercial development would have thrived.

Today after sixteen years of residence and ten trying to get the City of Plantation to provide those services, I believe has now changed. Code Enforcement on State Road 7 / 441 has improved the overall look of the corridor. Even after all these years and ABSOLUTLY NO FINE the Strata at Plantation swale has improved but still not in compliance.

Special Interests, Special Access, Special Treatment

Since August 10, Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Group has shown his support of Lynn Stoner by erecting illegal interstate sized campaign signs in a number of places on the Strata at Plantation swale. As with the corruption detailed on this site, at the time of this writing, they still exist and has not been cited for the ordinance violation.

Political PAC Operative

There is a reason for good people not to run for political office. In today’s political atmosphere, it takes a lot of money and someone who does not care about the lies that are spread from certain campaigns.

Can now confirm that Lynn Stoner went after me by having a political PAC operative, Aaron Nevins create a fake Facebook Profile of me and another fake profile of a person who does not exist post lies. How can I confirm this? I had noticed that every time Aaron Nevins posted something Facebook would send me an alert like he was a friend that I had confirmed, which I had not and would not. Low and behold, going to my friends listing, the first one listed was Aaron Nevins.

Of course, I defriended him upon discovery and no longer receive alerts of the lies he posts. But how did that happen? When he created the fake duplicate of my fake Facebook Profile he friended himself and as with all my Groups was allowed access without having to request access.

Am not even running for office! Lynn Stoner was and is scared of my truthful comments about our interactions. As I said at the last City Council Meeting, You Won! Selling my residence and getting out of the corrupt City of Plantation where developers run the City Council and in essence Code Enforcement. Lynn Stoner may have won this battle but I do hope that she does not win the war and fails in her bid to become Mayor! The Sun Sentinel did not even endorse her!

Wish all the non-incumbents the best and that most of you achieve your goal. You are unique in putting yourself out there to tackle this task of administrating the City of Plantation!

Plantation Park East Homeowners Association

Attending the September Plantation Park East Homeowners Association it confirmed to me a few things; first, they are clueless of the issues pertaining to Plantation Park East Community. Second, attendance continues to be meaningless. There were two other residents and four or five candidates for office in the City of Plantation. Third, offered to revamp this site for their use and continually been told we will get with you but nothing. Lastly, believe the HOA is totally ineffective.

The City of Plantation’s Last Parting Shot

Because of Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Group’s relationship with Lynn Stoner he has yet to be fined on dime for the continual violations of his properties. Have now discovered the City of Plantation requires a permit fee of $25 to place a POD on YOUR property and limits the POD to being there to two weeks! Thought about forgoing the payment but knowing this city they would find some way to collect the money and increase it by adding penalties. Not me to not follow the law so I will be applying for the permit and besides would never do that to the new residents whom have purchased this house.