Would like to understand what the goal and focus of the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA)?

The reason for the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association Has Got To Go site is to make clear my concerns and views of the direction of the community for which a Home Owners Association (HOA) is tasked with in every community, except this one.

It must be apparent the inability to lobby the City Council or any or it’s boards for any sort of maintenance or improvements in the Plantation Park East community. With the passing of the City of Plantation Bonds, results in my taxes going up about $80 to $100 a year, getting nothing in return!

The PPEHOA would rather divide, than compromise. From the tenth hour reversal on their, and I say their because the represent the PPEHOA,  President and Treasurer, O’Neal Chin and Sandy Gracey respectively withdrew their propaganda objections to the code changes granted the Invesca Development Group for their Strata At Plantation project.

With the residents getting hit with code violations, resulting in fines to the home owner, it has been over two years, since the Invesca Development Group acquired the property and allowed the swale of the property to deteriorate, to levels worse than when the Invesca Development Group bought the property with NO FINES!

After all these years of the City of Plantation selectively enforcing the City Code, on Wednesday, November 16th, the property has a Magistrate Hearing scheduled and I wonder if after all the emails, all the visits to City Hall, maybe, just maybe, the Invesca Development Group will be held accountable.

To the PPEHOA, until someone reaches out with some kind of response, as they say, don’t speak for yourself, must be hiding something…