• Method of Enforcement Puts Neighbor Vs. Neighbor as Main Result
  • Code Enforcement Officers Placed in Jeopardy by Selective Enforcement
  • Selective Enforcement via complaint only is a joke on the taxpayers and wrong! It leaves every homeowner in the City of Plantation wide open to abuse from a myriad of directions.

Selective Enforcement what does it mean?

This type of enforcement, in the simplest of terms means that Code Enforcement Officers do not inspect neighborhoods they simply respond to complaints received from other departments or residents in the neighborhood.

What does Selective Enforcement Engender?

Serious consequences in most cases. By that I mean the end result pits neighbor against neighbor, ends any type of cordial discussion between neighbors and assures that a feud will result because Code Enforcement uses anonymous complaints as a basis for issuing warnings of City Code infractions. Also it opens the door to the possibility of official abuses.

Selective Enforcement is a sorry excuse for Code Enforcement. It boils down to the taxpayers “doing the job” for the City of Plantation.


Selective Enforcement is another way for the City of Plantation to alleviate the cost of making certain the laws on the books are equitably enforced. The City of Plantation actually “waits” for a complaint before acting upon an alleged violation. This is wrong! Very very wrong… it offers the neighborhood “gripers and self appointed mayors” an opportunity to hold a cudgel over the heads of their neighbors!

This issue effects all residents. The City of Plantation selectively enforcing the city ordinances develop patterns that ultimately determines property values within sections within a city resulting in a divide between the affluent and not so affluent.

The City of Plantation must enforce the city ordinances for all residences equally on both the east and west side of the Florida Turnpike!