Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA):
Obviously, by the title of this site, I believe it has got to go. When first moving into the area, I attended some of the PPEHOA meetings which, at the time, had a significant amount of residents attending (20 to 30). City of Plantation elected officials would regularly attend with the community outreach of the City of Plantation Police department. A basket was passed for donations and a monthly newsletter was delivered by email.

During the past two years I have attended maybe three of the monthly meeting and I found that none of the elected officials attend anymore. The Police were there just once that I attended and found only a handful of residents attend. They still passed the donation basket and I continued to donate but the PPEHOA no longer publishes a monthly newsletter. What’s up with the money?

There are a number of meetings of the PPEHOA now that there are not enough officers present for a quorum or for them to show enough respect to the residents to show up on time, leaving the few residents to wait and wonder if an actual meeting will occur!

Instead of making the effort of being informed about the project two main members of the PPEHOA board have had their ego bruised because they feel that the developer should have reached out to them.

First; I made them aware of the project and due to their egos and superiority complexes, they felt it was too much trouble to reach out to the developer themselves.

In July of 2014 the new developer of the PBP contacted me and according to him at the request of the City of Plantation’s Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic,, not the PPEHOA President, he was very forthright in his plans and his agenda. I asked one of my neighbors and anyone else that he knew to join me in meeting him. No one else attended except my neighbor. Conveying our concerns he was very open to any suggestions to make this work.

On Monday, February 16th, 2015 I received from the developer a Public Information Notice of a first informational meeting and presentation for STRATA on February 18, 2015. The PPEHOA had a scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Rearranging my schedule to attend, there were several residents attending and many of whom were aware of the informational presentation but the PPEHOA board had no idea of the meeting or anything about the development.

As a result of attending the PPEHOA meeting, the informational meeting and presentation was attended by well over 30 residents. Including a few elected officials. Councilmember Lynn Stoner, whom was so offended (Ego) because she was not personally notified prior to the meeting, she stormed out in anger, later returning after she calmed down.

Councilmember Chris Zimmerman also attended and claimed that he was never contacted either but the developer was adamant that he had a previous meeting with Councilmember Chris Zimmerman reviewing the plans remembering because of Councilmember Chris Zimmerman’s architectural background.

The concerns of the community were made very clear during the meeting. Density and traffic being the number one concern. The developer conveyed his compassion for concerns of the community and also explained that he was not just a developer but also a resident of Plantation and will also occupy the property with his company’s corporate office and a foundation for handicapped kids.

Community Concerns:
The INVESCA Development Group has addressed community concerns by lowering the amount of townhouses to 150 and resolved the traffic concern by making the east exit and emergency exit only. All traffic will be entering and exiting Sunrise Boulevard.