Former Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner Arrested

Former Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner Arrested - Accused of Official Misconduct and Falsifying Record Clearing up code violations for the Strata Group started way before 2020! Major reason selling and [...]

Broward’s Inspector General: Mayor Violated Open Government, Campaign Finance Laws

Broward Inspector General: Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner Violated Open Government and Campaign Finance Laws Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner violated Florida's open government and campaign finance laws, Broward's Inspector General said [...]

330 Unit Pixl Project Plantation City Council Meeting Vote

Call To Action On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 ~ 7:30 PM Christopher Longswoth's the now five (5) story PIXL project is on the Plantation City Council Meeting Agenda. Adding another 330 units to the Strata at Plantation property. Legislative [...]


Fare Well After sixteen years in the City of Plantation, my house is under contract and I want to take this opportunity to convey some final thoughts. Although I have removed myself from attending city meetings and election [...]

The Worst Neighbor – Strata at Plantation

Garbage Dump! Christopher Longsworth Invesca Development Group Strata at Plantation swale October 25th at 10:00AM. Continual violations of City of Plantation Code Ordinances. Many of the Plantation Park East residents take pride in their [...]

Corrupt Selective Code Enforcement

Can't Make This Stuff Up What good is the City of Plantation Code Enforcement if the enforcement is selective or corrupt? After now attending the Special Magistrate Meetings for six months and seeing how the City of Plantation [...]

Strata at Plantation Privileged City Council Access

Attending the September 12th City of Plantation City Council Meeting, in my opinion, the council displayed the course of this city. Back at the July 25th council meeting, just as Council President Lynn Stoner was about to close the [...]

Banned – My Response

Political incorrectness is not about the need to shock and the seeking of gratuitous provocation, which is the easiest accusation thrown in the face of those who dare to speak up. It is not about encouraging hatred and promoting [...]

Who Does This Council Work For? City Council Meeting – July 25, 2018

City Council - July 25, 2018 The July 25th City of Plantation City Council Meeting had one of the largest agendas seen in a while. Summary of the high points: Administrative Items Board and Committee Appointments/Reappointments - Members [...]

Coincidence or Corruption?

Coincidence or Corruption? Ten Years For literally ten years having to do the City of Plantation's Code Enforcement has now come to a crossroad. Please afford me this reflection of issues: Pitting Neighbor Against [...]

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