Talk about a time warp: Remember decades ago in a different life of  watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Coconut Grove Playhouse with people dressing as the characters in the film and performing in front of the screen, mirroring the movie as it played in the background.

The Chicago Tribune published a review from reporter Steve Johnson. Where he pointed out the scene at the movie theater, of course, was the best part of it. The crowd talked back to the screen, yelled back, in response to the film’s dialogue and action. “Say it!” people would shout, as Tim Curry, magnificent as Frank-N-Furter, the film’s Dr. Frankenstein character, paused for a very long time after beginning, “I see you shiver with antici…”

“Say the (expletive) word!”


“Prior to the Fox remake, my favorite contemporary take on “Rocky Horror” came in an inspired two-tweet sequence. A Twitter user billing him or herself as DrFNFurter tweeted “Antici..” on May 8, 2009. And then, on May 8, 2014, he or she followed with “..pation.”

Sure enough, going to Twitter there it was @DrFNFurter and whoever it is/was waited 5 years to the day to “Say the (expletive) word!”

Entertaining show with the added bonus of a trip down memory lane…