Updated: June 12, 2018

City of Plantation

This page was originally published September 4, 2015 and although some of the names have changed, it’s now June of 2018 and nothing has changed! New owner of the Plantation Business Park, Christopher Longsworth Founder/CEO of INVESCA Development Group and developer of Strata at Plantation and the property swale has continued to be NOT in compliance with the City of Plantation Code Ordinances.

With the confirmation of political protection of code ordinances from the Inspector at the May Special Magistrate meeting the City of Plantation seems to selectively enforce the laws of the city at their discretion instead following the laws of the City of Plantation.

City of Plantation Agenda:
Attending the City of Plantation Planning and Zoning meeting, it was made clear of individuals and the City of Plantation’s own agendas, instead of what is best for the community, if they do not get their dictatorship agendas met, the community will continue to suffer. I’m sure some individuals are now stunned at my terminology, but if anyone is familiar with me, I am no politician, I do not mix words nor, for that matter, have any patience for any individual who does not make an effort to be informed about a development project. Instead of making that effort all they want to do is to tear it down, further deteriorating the community as a whole.

In my opinion, after hearing Larry Leeds, the City of Plantation’s Director of Planning Zoning and Economic Development, opposition to the project, I can only believe that his agenda is the amount of taxes the City of Plantation will collect and not the welfare or lifestyle of the community. He repeated numerous times one his objections is because of the amount of taxes the City of Plantation would collect from the property.

For the entire time I have lived adjacent to the Plantation Business Park (PBP) the City of Plantation has allowed the property to deteriorate and have constantly had to attend numerous Plantation City Council meetings to make them aware of the horrendous condition of the property.

Some history; the City of Plantation has allowed the swale area to turn to dirt, allowed dead trees to exist (the tree city) and collect trash with no maintenance until a resident has to take their time to attend Plantation City Council meetings. Even though a code enforcement officer is paid by the City of Plantation to enforce the code of the city.

Every time I brought issues up to the council, all I would get is denials. As an example; Councilmember Lynn Stoner, at the time the City Council President, defused my issue by bringing up another property on the west side of the city that was also in a deteriorated state. Never citing the property, but trying to make it seem as a city wide issue.  Only after taking pictures and at my expense, printing them to bring to the Plantation City Council meetings did the City of Plantation act on the property owner.

During this time there was not one instance where the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA) did anything to improve the area. Not one representative of the PPEHOA attends Plantation City Council meetings to find out any issues or concerns of the residents or the community. Attending the City of Plantation Planning and Zoning Board’s Meeting, the President of the PPEHOA is sitting on the board and voiced his disapproval of the project (Ego).

However, I do care about the community I reside in, having fought previous attempts at developing the property and spending many hours of my own time and now money to create this site. Having no plans to run for office or being compensated for my time, my only agenda is what’s best for the entire community.

I care so much about the community that I think I should get some other opinions by contacting some of the media to further make this city understand that I am the resident and the city is supposed to work for me and this community, not dictate the suggestions that they brought up, such as; having the developer move the lake to have better views from the townhouses and charge more, resulting in higher taxes for the city or demanding to know what the developer long term plans are for an adjacent piece of the property  before considering allowing any approvals of zoning changes and variances.

I believe the code requires that residents within a 500 ft. radius of the property of any zoning changes the developer went above and notified residents within 1000 ft. for the first Public Information Notice and one of the board members commented that he should have went further. What!

I work on the web and will be making sure that this site is indexed by all the major search engines and if that does not get action from the media made sending the link to them might work…

*** This site has been created independently by a resident with no connection to the PPEHOA, other than residing in the PPEHOA community, or the developer.