The City of Plantation has announced an amnesty program property owners with pending fines can apply for as much as a 15 percent discount according to a May 2nd, Sun Sentinel story.

As documented on this site, the City of Plantation focuses on resident Code Violations. For now over fifteen years, I have been vocal of the lack of Code Enforcement on the East side of the Florida Turnpike. My direction is not at residents (although if Code Enforcement would do their job) but the Selective Code Enforcement that a business property, now on it’s second owner and after all this time, is finally making the effort to bring the swale up to Code, has NEVER been fined.

There is not one record of a fine being issued or paid on the property. Yet residents are targeted and fined.

Again from the article, the City of Plantation had an amnesty program back in 2k11. Back then up to 90% of the fines were forgiven as long as the property was brought up to code. This time it is 15%?

Sun Sentinel May 2, 2017 Plantation Code Amnesty

Sun Sentinel May 2, 2017 Plantation Code Amnesty

Was anyone even aware of the 2k11 amnesty program? I know I didn’t and may explain why only five violators utilized the program and over $21k was collected. What influential friends of the council benefited? Average over $4k for each violator, who has that kind of money?  Could it be those influential friends of the council?

The article does not state dates of the start and end of the program but I’m guessing a short window.

If you drive down 46th Avenue between Broward Blvd and Sunrise Blvd. The three or four places of worship along that stretch of road should be setting the example for the community but yet the properties look bad. As long as these properties look the way they do, how can you improve the community?

And where is the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association? Do they represent the residents of PPEHOA community at the Council meetings? Did the PPEHOA do anything to get the City of Plantation to fine the Plantation Business Park as the property was previously known and for the last three years the Invesca Development Group Corporate Headquarters and the Strata at Plantation town home development? Absolutely NOT!