Garbage Dump!

Christopher Longsworth Invesca Development Group Strata at Plantation swale October 25th at 10:00AM.

Continual violations of City of Plantation Code Ordinances.

Many of the Plantation Park East residents take pride in their property and properly maintain their property, Christopher Longsworth has no such pride other than making money. He feels that once a week of removing trash on the Strata at Plantation swale. Not continually monitoring and maintaining his property actually attracts more trash.

Many times I have repeated on this site that if the property looks like a dump, people will treat it like a dump!

10/25/2018 Strata At Plantation Swale Trash Sample

Interstate Political Signs

October 10th the City of Plantation Code Enforcement stopped by my home and told me that Christopher Longsworth would be notified that he was in violation of city ordinances for erecting interstate sized political signs for present City of Plantation City Council President, Lynn Stoner mayoral election.

Fifteen days later the two signs remain on NW 8th Street between 44th and 46th avenues.

With his corrupt politician, Lynn Stoner, he is above the law and not adhering to the City of Plantation City Ordinances.

10/25/2018 Strata At Plantation Illegal Lynn Stoner Political Signs NW 8th Street

Entitled and a Liar

Want to take this opportunity to apologize to the residents of Plantation Park East for supporting a entitled liar!

Christopher Longsworth has lied to me from the first day I met him! Why do I say entitled; he has purchased the support of City of Plantation City Council President, Lynn Stoner. You can read the posts here that support my contention. Christopher Longsworth has been allowed to leave his property in disrepair for years with no action from the City of Plantation. When the city does cite him for violations, city officials have made stuff up to make the violations go away.

Four years later Christopher Longsworth has lied not only to me but his customers who purchase and invest in his projects.

Every issue I have brought up on this site has NEVER been contested by him because it is factual!

A few months ago my Facebook page was cloned and comments posted that with the fact that Christopher Longsworth has hired Aaron Nevins to go after Lynn Stoner’s opponents in the upcoming mayoral election, have now come to believe that Christopher Longsworth was behind it.

Super School

As another example of the lies Christopher Longsworth has told to me and this community was of his founding of the “Super School.” Super School was founded to assist students with varying disabilities in reaching their utmost potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Christopher Longsworth told me that he did not charge for the “Students” of the Super School, yet I find the Fee Schedule.

How low can an individual be to lie through his teeth about the Super School.