Paving over Paradise and putting in parking lots!

Project approved with only one council member voting no!

I heard that the project was pulled from the agenda after the engineering changes and forced back on by Mayor Lynn Stoner!

Mayor Lynn Stoner allowed a vote on a project that the City Council has yet to see!

The developer can now do what he wants out of the public’s eye with the blessing of the Mayor Lynn Stoner he bought with over $13,000.00 in contributions to Mayor Lynn Stoner’s campaign!

City employees are in fear of losing their jobs and the Mayor Lynn Stoner!

With the majority of the Plantation Park East community against the project, past development proposals have all been represented by Attorney C. William “Bill” Laystrom and is representing Christopher Longsworth’s Invesca Development Group. It has been alleged that Attorney C. William “Bill” Laystrom has been known to counsel clients to pay people to attend these city council meetings. Believe that was what occurred during this vote. The only individual to testify against the project actually lived in the Plantation Park East community. Every positive comment were from people who live outside the community except for one who had purchased in his Strata project.

Watching the City of Plantation City Council Meeting tonite from my new home completely out of curiosity and WOW!

Christopher Longsworth has lied again and the communities worse fear looks like will be realized.

Danny Holmes dropped a bombshell in my opinion and making my decision to get out of the City of Plantation, the best decision.

The project brought to the City Council is not the project that was approved by Planning and Zoning Board.

The Pixil project are six story rental apartments small footprint condos brought to the Planning and Zoning Board and approved but has been changed to eventually have traffic flow into the Plantation Park East Community with another project that will be brought to the city soon.!!!!!

They are also talking about another project and more density on the property!

Wow money can buy you anything.

Wish all of the Plantation Park East community my deepest apologies for supporting the biggest lying developer!!!