Call To Action

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 ~ 7:30 PM Christopher Longswoth’s the now five (5) story PIXL project is on the Plantation City Council Meeting Agenda. Adding another 330 units to the Strata at Plantation property.

Legislative Item #15
Request for the assignment of LAC Units for PIXL. Property located at 4400 NW 8th Court and zoned SPI-2 (Healthcare Services) PP17-0034

Quasi-Judicial Item: #16
Request to approve site plan, elevation, and landscape plan for PIXL. Property located at 4400 NW 8TH Court and zoned SPI-2 (Healthcare Services). (PP17-0034)

Community activist Carl Buehler had this posted on his Nextdoor to Plantation Community Concerns Facebook page;

Build Baby Build! Like that crazy Alaskan Governor’s shrill “Drill Baby Drill” shilling for Big Oil to drill in the pristine Arctic where the Color of Money is Black Gold. Here in Plantation it remains the the same old Green of developers’ campaign contributions. Like “Floridians for a Safer Tomorrow”, which was Developer Chris Longsworth’s PAC supporting the mayoral candidate Lynn Stoner along with the help of self described Russian hacker-helper Aron Nevins and surprise, our very own City Council member Mark Hyatt. What a developer’s dream team. And now comes the vote on Chris Longsworth’s PIXL project.

Personal Note:

Christopher Longsworth has lied to not only me, but the entire Plantation Park East community from the first day he purchased the Plantation Business Park property back in 2014.

As Carl Buehler conveyed in his comment that Christopher Longsworth has generously supported, both monetarily as well as advertising all over his Strata at Plantation property for Lynn Stoner during her campaign for Mayor of the City of Plantation, which, I believe 69.8% of the actual City of Plantation voters against Lynn Stoner for Mayor.

As with the Wood Stone Plantation, the community objected to that project and it fell on deaf ears and was approved. I expect Christopher Longswoth’s Invesca Pixl project clear sailing as well. The difference being that the Pixil project was pulled before last year’s election at the request of Council President (at the time) Lynn Stoner and now must come through for all that support.

As an example of the City of Plantation’s support for the project as of 3:00PM Monday April 8th, the agenda has yet to be posted to the City of Plantation Website Calendar.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, April 9th, the agenda has not been posted to the Calendar on the City of Plantation Website.

Sold in the City of Plantation

The fact that a developer has some of the elected officials basically in his pocket and the citizens of the community voice no longer matters in the City of Plantation is just one of the reasons I left Plantation.

Why would I continue to post here on this site if I no longer live in the community? Guess the biggest reason is because of the entitled liar Christopher Longsworth is and has personally insulted me!

There is minimal community communication to benefit Christopher Longsworth!