Attended my first City of Plantation Special Magistrate Meeting as an observer and not in violation.

A couple of reasons for me to be there besides trying to understand how the City of Plantation proceeds with code ordinance violations.

A lot of the content of has been concerning the habitual violations of Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, INVESCA Development Group’s, Strata at Plantation swale. Two items on the agenda were of special interest to me; item numbers 19 & 21.

(19) CE18-00541 Hearing to Confirm Fine STRATA GROUP LLC 4350 NW 8 CT A FBC 105.11.2: Time Limitation

02/15/2018 CE18-00541 4350 NW 8 CT A PL 33317 Building Enforcement Fine

The hearings were not what I thought Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, INVESCA Development Group’s, Strata at Plantation was in violation for but… the violation is/was for an Expired Permit B16-03666: Commercial Interior

(21) CE18-00594 Hearing to Confirm Fine LONGSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER 1401 SW 54 AVE FBC 105.11.2: Time Limitation 105.1 (REV): Permits Required 105.1

02/21/2018 CE18-00594 1401 SW 54 AVE PL 33317-5403 Building Enforcement Fine

Not only is his business in violation continually but also one of his personal residences is also out of compliance.

After the meeting I spoke to the Inspector for the City of Plantation and asked why the Strata property Confirmation of Fine hearing only held for the Building Enforcement and not for the Landscaping which the property has been out of compliance:

09/19/2016 CE16-02658 4350 NW 8 CT 100 PL 33313-6775 Landscape Enforcement Violation

Failure to maintain perimeter landscape in front of wall. Dead trees in swale area. Ficus hedge in poor condition needs to be replaced with appropriate specie, dead crepe myrtles need to be removed and replaced. Tree removal permit is required. Removal of all exotic invasive plant material from site. Check irrigation system along wall. Plant material shall be mulched, no red mulch. Prior to beginning work please contact Planning and Zoning -Landscape Department.

Type of Hearing: Notice of Violation Hearing
Notice Issued Date: 09/20/2016
Compliance Date: 10/24/2016
Hearing Date: 11/17/2016
Result of Hearing: Final Order
Extension Comply By: 01/16/2017

His answer was the reason the violation has not come up for a Confirmation of Fine was POLITICAL!

Selective Code Enforcement