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Name: al
Time: October 10, 2015 at 10:34 am

Comment: Park east is treated like the ghetto of Plantation due to older most affordable home with in the city and majority of occupants are American -minorities (blacks, Hispanics, and every other people’s even lower income whites that would want to move away but can’t ) it’s not fair, been here since 89 and from then to 94 drastic change in racial diversity and city performance efforts to be as equal to residents of Plantation acres.

Residence: City of Plantation


With the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA) having no participation of the residents because of the leadership of the PPEHOA it does not give the city any reason to change. My experience of thirteen years living in the community the residents do nothing to change it, the city will do what it wants and I agree that if you live east of the turnpike there is a visual difference within the City of Plantation!

With the PPEHOA opposing the “Strata” project it just shows that the residents basically approve of what is going on. They are the first to object but do not have any alternative so nothing will change! I cannot believe that this PPEHOA claims to represent this community!

Why move when you can be part of change for the better? Believe I have been a thorn to both Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic and Police Chief W. Howard Harrison because of both their inaction or representation of this community equally like they do west of the turnpike!

This project could be the start of change within the community! The PPEHOA and the City of Plantation need to allow the developer to improve this community the way they would like to. Just look at the Park Place Townhouses and the way they turned out if we leave it up to them!

Get Involved, Don’t Be Passive!