Pixl Project – 7 Story – 350 Units – Pulled from Agenda!

A resident contacted me through this site informing me that a City Council Member told them yesterday that Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Groups’ Pixl Project was pulled from Tuesday, August 7th’s Planning and Zoning Board Meeting.

Contacting the Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Department, it was confirmed in writing that the project has been pulled from the meeting and “The developer has indicated that they will resubmit later this year, possibly in the fall or afterwards.

Want to thank everyone who contacted Danny Holmes to inform him that the community opposes the project as submitted.

Have yet to get confirmation if Christopher Longsworth or the City of Plantation will be required to contact the residents again when rescheduled.

Will keep on top of this issue and you will be able to find out information about the project going to the Planning and Zoning Board Meeting right here on Plantation Park East Homeowners Association Has Got To Go!

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