The May 9th Plantation City Council Meeting was the first I have attended in years. For a number of reasons; residents speak to the Plantation City Council last, when you are recognized to speak, the resident is allotted three minutes to speak, lastly, my frustration of constantly having to speak about the same issue for over ten years with NO resolution.

The stand out speaker for this Plantation City Council Meeting was City of Plantation resident and Broward County Property Appraiser, Marty Kiar. Besides the fact that every official were very attentive for the information of how much money these elected officials may be seeing in the coming year but his gushing appreciation of living in the City of Plantation.

Really wish that all residents could feel the same way! Reality is, it is NOT for this resident, simply because the City of Plantation official’s continue their selective enforcement of city ordinances and perpetuate the East / West divide by NOT providing services equally for the entire city, not just the west side.

Selective Code Enforcement

My purpose to attend the meeting was to again attempt to have the officials of the City of Plantation enforce ordinances with equality instead of selectivity.

Attending with a copy of the January 7th, 2009 Plantation City Council Meeting Minutes which I spoke to the Plantation City Council about the exact same issue, the swale of the commercial property formerly known as the Plantation Business Park (PBP) and now owned by Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, INVESCA Development Group’s, Strata at Plantation, maintained to City of Plantation Code Ordinances.

Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, INVESCA Development Group’s, Strata at Plantation swale has been out of compliance for years and the City of Plantation has cited the property numerous times through the years but has NEVER fined the owner once! Using an analogy, if someone speeds down the road and is stopped and says they would not do it again and then repeats themselves and is stopped again and says they will not do it again makes it obvious that the only way to stop them is to have them pay a fine.

The same promises were made by some of the same officials on the City Council and all I could do is again, wait for some improvement.