Downloaded the Special Magistrate Agenda from April 20th and the East / West Divide is more apparent with the Selective Code Enforcement the City of Plantation provides.

As my January 2nd, 2017 post points out that the amount of violations continually through the years but had only been brought to the City of Plantation, Special Magistrate Meeting only once that I am aware of and when I tried to attend the Special Magistrate did not think it was relevant to have a resident speak.

Hoping these companies will see this as the Selective Enforcement that it is:
Pelican Coast Holdings Inc. 231 SW 125 AVE;
Violation: 5-87 (a)(17): Bald spots, 11-7: Litter on private property.
Golden Global Equity LLC;
Violation: 25-43 (d): Parking of commercial vehicles

These are just two I found that the INVESCA Development Group’s Corporate Offices have violated for three years and NOTHING, NOT ONE FINE in that time of the continued violations that I am aware of.

Looks like the City of Plantation will support the continued practice of selectively enforcing the ordinances of the city. The City of Plantation ensures the continued growth of Property Values on the West side of the Florida Turnpike but does NOTHING on the East side unless a resident speaks up pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Shame on the elected officials of the City of Plantation that have been aware of these issues for years (see the above link) but have done NOTHING to support the tax paying residents East of the Florida Turnpike!