The difference in the quality of life when the City of Plantation actually does the job our tax dollars are paying for! Driving through the area and not having to see that pile of trash and debris brightens the day. Although the trash remaining on the Strata at Plantation (Plantation Business Park) swale is still littering the area, we have a vast improvement.

The Plantation Park East Homeowners Association (PPEHOA) has again done absolutely nothing! Not a single conversation, nor comment. They seem to be able to object and cost the community (see: PPEHOA Has Got To Go!!! ) but when it comes to improving or at least maintaining the quality of life, they are nowhere to be seen, heard or spoke about.

I’m sure the new owner had no idea of the politically motivated garbage collection rules of the City of Plantation and really appreciate their immediate attention to resolving the issue! Maybe if a Code Enforcement Officer from the City of Plantation patrolled the area on a regular basis the issue may have been resolved by just an explanation of the City of Plantation’s Code. Instead it is up to pitting neighbor against neighbor for the City of Plantation Code Enforcement to simply do their job.

The PPEHOA does not try to reach out to welcome or communicate with the community other than a sign at the entrances of the community on the day of the PPEHOA meeting. The signs are so small that you have to know about them, to see them, otherwise it’s just some sign on the side of the road. Yet, they represent the community?

Would you expect that a homeowners association, supposedly representing the community, to reach out to the community, no, instead we have an expectation of the community having to reach out to them? Sorry, that is not the way it works for a homeowners association, they should be the ones that greet and invite new members of the community to understand the community.

Again, to the new owner, thank you for the immediate resolution!

Instead of the City of Plantation’s tagline of “The Grass is Greener” it should be “the city that pits Neighbor against Neighbor”! Finally, as I have said over and over, the:

PPEHOA Has Got To Go!