The last post on this was July 11th and the only progress on bring the Strata at Plantation swale to code was the developer being spotted trying to bend the fence back vertical.

Being one of the first to advocate for this developer and spending many hours speaking to neighbors my only feeling is betrayal. Guess I should have known; if I have these issues, wonder what people who actually buy in the development will have?

Now being over two years since the development was first presented to me with the assurance that the swale would be brought up to code and properly maintained was a bunch of…

The one thing I thought with the project would bring the community together, instead it is worse. The Plantation Park East Homeowners Association is a joke. The point of the PPEHOA is to bring people together within the community. Just look at the PPEHOA logo, families hand in hand.

Neither O’Neil Chin, the President of the PPEHOA, nor Sandy Gracey, Treasurer, have thought to reach out and try to bring the community together. Just another example of why the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association has got to go! If you are supporting the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association, please let me know why.

As a homeowner in the community for 14 years I cannot tell you ONE time the PPEHOA has done anything for the community except take our donations and do what?

Let’s recap; the developer of the Strata at Plantation has had his swale out of compliance for over two years and the City of Plantation Code Enforcement does NOTHING. The Plantation Park East Homeowners Association fights the approval of the project, and as a result, deters from getting the developer to improve the community and does NOTHING. What has developed out of all this is a US AGAINST THEM scenario that only benefits the developer.

Looks like I will have to go through another holiday season looking at a trash filled, dead hedges and wall that for fourteen years has been a constant battle because the City of Plantation does NOT do its job of enforcing the City Code, oh wait, they selectively enforce the City Code on residents but not a developer. Plantation Park East Homeowners Association does nothing and all I have is this site to voice my concerns for the community that, seeing the traffic to the site, people are reading. Maybe the people reading this are the ones in the market for a new home…