Tomorrow is September 1st and not a thing has been done to improve the swale of the Strata at Plantation property. Actually the property has deteriorated worse since the developer has gotten his approvals and the City of Plantation Code Enforcement has done nothing to support the residents of the Plantation Park East Community.

Of course the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association has done nothing either to improve the community.

Emailing the developer has absolutely done nothing to bring the property to code. As a matter of fact, he blames the community for throwing trash on the swale. As I told him, if your property looks like a dump, then people will treat it that way. He complains about graffiti left on the walls of his building but yet he continually fails to properly illuminate the property at night that it is pitch black. Yes, if you do not deter, you invite and he has had his issues between theft and destruction of the property but can only be attributed to his failings.

After 14 years as a resident and 12 of them, continually have to literately fight City Hall to get the City of Plantation to enforce the City of Plantation Codes, with no other choice, because the City of Plantation Council demands that the public speaks last at the City Council Meetings, will start my email campaign to the Mayor and City Council Members.

Maybe I might just try and get the media involved having documented right here the outright failure of the City of Plantation to equally in force the City Code on both the West and East sides of the Florida Turnpike.