After a while, having someone complain time and time again, 14 years, people seem to just disregard the complainer.

Well now I have visual evidence that the developer, who promised to have the swale on the south side of the “Strata at Plantation” property improved within six months of our meeting in July of 2014, has let the property deteriorate to looking like a dump.

The images posted here are from December 28, 2014, January 19, 2015 and the final one of September 3, 2016.

Is this how “Strata of Plantation” is going to be maintained?

All you can do is take it on history and the history are documented here in these images and results of those Broken Promises!

Plantation Park East Home Owners Association has done nothing, City of Plantation Code Enforcement has done nothing!

My next step is another visit to the City of Plantation City Council Meeting.

Another example of the East / West Divide within the City of Plantation. Another holiday season is approaching and a City of Plantation resident has to put up with a dump across the street from their home and it is tolerated by all in charge to protect the quality of life of a City of Plantation resident!