Since June of 2014, the developer of the new “Strata at Plantation” property formerly known as the “Plantation Business Park”, has promised improvements to the swale surrounding the property to the west and south. To date; no improvements, maintenance once a week, no irrigation and shrubbery needs serious attention.

Over the years I have constantly had to voice my concerns of the horrible state the swale is in. Have constantly been patient for the promised improvements to the swale has yet to materialize. Actually waiting for the City of Plantation Code Enforcement to do their job, by citing the property owner to bring the property to Code, but instead, as brought up a few times on this site, the City of Plantation would rather pit neighbor against neighbor. Now it looks to be getting worse.

It is now July, if there is no attempt at bringing the property up to the City of Plantation Code, I’m looking at another holiday season of looking at the deteriorated condition the property has been for years and will not accept that.

Individuals went to work for this developer with promises of improved conditions for the property and instead, after two years nothing to show for it. It seems as if a lost cause, big business (INVESCA Development Group) verses a home owner, resident of the community, who has, since the start, only asked for one thing, the City of Plantation Code Enforcement to do their job and not leave it up to the members of the community to do it for them!

The developer blames the people throwing trash on the property, when he should be held accountable because, not bringing the property to code and maintain the property to that level, it looks like a dump and if it looks like a dump, people will use it that way and until I get upset and start my communications, nothing gets done.

The latest response is that when a issue is brought up about the swale, it becomes someone else’s responsibility, “the maintenance company will take care of any issue just once a week”. New headline, you now only have to maintain your property once a week! NOT! As a responsible community member and City of Plantation resident, I attend to my property daily.

Simply asking the City of Plantation Code Enforcement to do their job and get this property up to code and insure it stays that way!