From: Invesca
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 8:42 PM
Subject: Tomorrow nights meeting

— Over the last 24 hours Ive felt totally stressed and lost like sideswiped with your emails and the way you with out even pausing to give me the benefit of doubt and at least get the entire story prior to making me out to be a villain with malicious intent.

When we met I explained the hell I went through to even get the project in front of council and explained all the hoops and obstacles. It was a passionate meeting, one that I had been looking forward to with my biggest supporter, you. I obviously opened everything up to you and even continued to send you additional information after.. Why or what would I ever have to hide?

The fact of the matter is that it is NOT OPEN Visible access. Its a solid wall metal rolling gate that matches the wall in color and opacity. The gate will NEVER be an access point, ever. It will hopefully never be used and is has a knock box lock that by law, only the fire department has a key to. Needless to say they would only use that gate in a lifesaving situation..

Even at that You will see tomorrow night first hand that it was a requirement by the CITY.. not me and its not “OPEN” like the other emergency exit to 8th as if that weren’t enough, its also a NVAL (non- vehicular acces line). So even if I was a liar(apparently someone you trusted until now…) you can rest assured that it is illegal to use that as an access point.

Your support in tomorrow nights meeting is critical and you know it.. Chen and the associations will all be there and we both know what will happen if this ends up as a bad spin prior to council. I will obviously do anything I can to get rid of the requirement by the city but its beyond me.  We just spoke about the “propaganda” they spread and how detrimental it can be and this will add fuel to the fire..

Regardless of whatever happens. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all that you’ve done to support me and the project. I am forever grateful..  I thank you for everything, you have went above and beyond for me and Im truly sorry if I did anything to jeopardize your support. Even if its out of my control.


From: Me
To: Invesca
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2015 3:57 AM
Subject: RE: Tomorrow nights meeting

I’ve told you from the beginning that I would NOT allow ANY type of egress into this community. Your claim of the Fire Marshall requiring it is totally understandable but I have to look why all of a sudden, after decades of not having the requirement.  

My belief and after conversations with people I go for answers, the reason you are now required to create the egress is because you made the choice to alter the traffic pattern within the development. You shared your frustration with the car dealers unloading their inventory on the street and created the park for a more pleasant visual within the project and deterrent from outside the project.

My apologies for not seeing it last Tuesday. If you look at it from my position, you provided print copies and I quickly glanced at them planning on reviewing the digital copy you also provided. As communicated to you, the digital copy did not contain a copy of the site plan. When you did provide it this past Tuesday I comprehended the change, resulting in our situation.

Also I conveyed to you after reviewing your Public Information Notice map and mailing listing, I told you that no one on the east side of 43rd Avenue, nor the Park Place development were being notified of the meeting. Speaking with neighbors, as of yesterday, no one received the notice. This includes **a neighbor**, who has also been a phenomenal supporter as well and did not receive the notice. **My neighbor** agrees with me that the egress will not be tolerated.

My convictions have not and will not waiver on the egress. This is a result of your decision of changing the traffic pattern and I will not support the project with the egress, period.

I will attend the meeting.