New Site Plan

Last Wednesday, November 4th,  I met with the developer and a few of the residents with a plan that was given to me that day.

One individual neighbor who has lived in the community since the 60’s and had fought against the Plantation Business Park and not very happy with the way the Park Place development turned out asked me could I trust this developer?  At the time my response, without hesitation, was yes.

Now I cannot say I can.

Yesterday I was emailed a copy of the presentation that will be distributed at the Thursday meeting.

To say the least, the site plan is NOT what has been presented to me, nor does it represent the project I have had discussions with the developer about.

Within five days the site plan I gave to neighbors is completely different than the one illustrated below.

November 10th Strata Residences Site Plan

November 10th Strata Residences Site Plan

Emails between myself and the developer last night and this morning:

To developer; Nov. 9th 7:46PM:

Just looked over the plan and was never told of the entrance on 8th street. That just ain’t gonna happen! That is a deal breaker to me as well as the residents of this community. That entrance was not on ANY drawing you have shown me and now it is there? My understanding from day one was the wall would stay as it is and improved. Not one time after this whole time has this been mentioned or shown in any drawing.

8th street is one way heading west and your rendering has an entrance going east on 8th. It also can handle ONLY one lane of traffic.

Will not agree to having any entrance on 8th.

If you want it on 46th you will have more issues.

This will be a MAJOR issue if you proceed with having this entrance. And no, not even if it is an emergency entrance/exit.

From developer; Nov. 9th 8:02PM:

There is NO ENTRANCE there..its a NVAL (non-vehicular access line) on the county level.. Please feel free to look into this yourself if after all this you don’t believe me..  Even if i wanted to add one there its illegal, not to mention i NEVER would. Thats an emergency EXIT only for the fire department and that the fire Marshall asked for. I don’t have power when the fire department requests emergency egress requests. This was added when we modified the site and again was not something I wanted. However even though Im not sure what the problem with that is.. Its there in case of emergency fro a fire or life threatening event.. The frequency of it being used ever is slim to none. If you’d like to stop by tomorrow we can discuss in greater detail. I hate to think that weve come so far with all of this only to have a request by the fire department thats out of my hands cause an issue. I know by know you know were on the same page. 

I do have an Idea that would solve the issue. Simply ask the fire Marshall to remove the requirement at the council meeting and that would save us both… Please remember that the fire department has been one of the projects biggest ally’s to date and they want to work with us.

To developer; Nov. 10th 3:49AM:

Have now expended many of my personal hours of supporting your project with absolutely no compensation for my time. Just last Wednesday you gave me a rendering that I supported to distribute to my neighbors. When doing so I was asked; Can you trust this developer? My response was yes. Had no reason not to trust you up till now. They say the two people you cannot trust is a politician and a developer and up until this point in all my experience working with both have I been lead down this path.

Believe I was very clear since our first meeting that the barrier between the property and the community remain intact. You committed to improving the barrier. Now in your latest rendering there is no barrier and the opening to 8th street. Wednesday’s rendering had a road parallel to 8th street running the length of the property. That seems to be gone now and a complete different traffic pattern has developed.

It also seems that the resident count is up as well.How convenient that in less than a week a whole new rendering appears after I distribute Wednesday’s to my neighbors and the people who have trusted me.

Really do not care what you conveniently say what the fire department has requested because it looks to me as an exit out to 8th street to 46th to get to the turnpike will eventually appear. If this is what it looks like to me, what do you think the community will think. This is exactly what the community is up in arms about and I will join them.

You can use all the terminology you want; I cannot support the project as now being presented. Actions are the reflection of intent, and after all the conversations we have had, I now feel has been a total waste of my time.

Told you from the beginning, I can be your biggest proponent or biggest opponent. Extremely pissed off right now and it looks like the latter.

As a response to the email conversation the developer text the following:

Just got your email and I’m shocked that you would suggest that of my character. I’ve been nothing but honest and straight forward with you since day one and since I started my company. The mere thought that I would somehow want to be malicious and or deceitful is unwarranted especially after we have created a friendship in the process. I will however put your mind at ease with an email I am sending to the fire Marshall this morning.

My response:

Guess you feel as I did when I saw the revision. That barrier has been a topic since we first met. I have been very patient with the project impacting my overall life style within the community and to see something like this is offending. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night over how pissed I am. This community will not agree to any type of opening within the barrier. Quite frankly I am surprised that you agreed to it allowing the opportunity for individuals to be able to enter the property and I do not mean in a car. You are opening the project to foot traffic that I am sure will not be something the residents would want. I will see you at the meeting.


No that’s completely wrong. I went back and forth with the fire department and got them to agree to a solid sliding fence to match the wall to which they only have the “Knox lock” key to EXIT in case of fire at the main entry. The problem here is that after all of our conversation why would you think that I have bad intentions. That’s what really bothers me. I don’t, never have and I’ve always been straight with you. I will show you the email from the fire department I got Friday.. I do however apologize if in some unintentional way I caused concern. Again, I’m meeting with fire this morning to discuss future.

Now after all this and reviewing the plan it kind of looks like Park Place…