On the City of Plantation’s website code enforcement page it states:

“Plantation is a community that is safe and beautifully landscaped.  Code Compliance plays an important role in preserving these “good life” standards that we all enjoy as residents of Plantation. To ensure that our community remains beautiful and well-maintained, the City has created the “good neighbor” voluntary code compliance initiative.  This initiative is aimed at preventing code violations by educating property owners about the more common violations such as overgrown lawns.  This approach is preferred to enforcement and litigation actions which require more time and prolong positive results, often resulting in additional fines.”

It also goes on to say:

Noise – No person shall make or create excessive, unnecessary or offensive sound within the City.  Construction activity may be performed between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM of any weekday and Saturday.  Lawn maintenance equipment may be operated between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

For hours, a neighbor decided to have a party outside, in their back yard that is directly behind my property. They have played music at club levels for the entire time. Loud enough to hear it inside my home and surely a number of other neighbors homes.

This neighbor obviously could care less about the community other than themselves!

When the community needs the City of Plantation to ensure “preserving the “good life” standards that we all enjoy as residents of Plantation” they are no where to be found on the east side of the Florida Turnpike!

Calling Code Enforcement, the City of Plantation Police Department, who’s responsibility is Code Enforcement, responds that it is Sunday and do nothing. My rights as a long time resident does not mean squat!

The longer I stay in the Park East Community, the less I see the City of Plantation Police patroling. But it is funny driving on Broward Blvd. heading west after the Florida Turnpike overpass the visibility of the Police is immediately apparent!

Paying tax dollars for nothing but a reactionary Police Department  instead of being proactive Police Department with visibility throughout the entire City of Plantation and not just the west side.