What does a resident need to do?

What holds the elected and appointed officials accountable?

Apparently in the City of Plantation; NOTHING!

Dating back to at least 2003 and when the property was known as; Plantation Business Park, I have been making a drastic effort at getting the City of Plantation Code Enforcement to require the Invesca Development Group / Strata at Plantation property swale brought to code.

Police Chief W. Howard Harrison placated me by continually conveying that the issue will be looked into. I now know that Police Chief W. Howard Harrison lied to me the entire time. You would think that an individual in a position of trust and leadership would live up to his word. Well it looks like after a decade of his lies, the City of Plantation appears to finally be doing something to get the property owner to bring the property up to code.

After all this time the City of Plantation finally hires Dan Holmes for Planning & Zoning. On September 19th, 2016 the Invesca Development Group / Strata at Plantation property was cited for Landscape Enforcement violations.

On November 17th, 2016, because the owner of the Invesca Development Group / Strata at Plantation property, Christopher Longsworth, Invesca Founder/Chief Executive Officer, has not done anything to the swale, the Landscape Enforcement violations went before the Special Magistrate Hearing.

Neighbor Against Neighbor

I was called about the Special Magistrate Hearing and attended an hour and a half of this hearing stunned! First, if you’re not an attorney in the Special Magistrates Hearing, you have no say in anything. The Special Magistrate Hearing went so much to spend 45 minutes of the hearing to determine if a Limousine is or is not a commercial vehicle!

Because of another appointment, my time was limited but not important to the Special Magistrate. Although a few attorneys were present and their cases were attended to first, as a resident trying to help the City of Plantation get Christopher Longsworth of Invesca Development Group and Strata at Plantation to bring the property to code, no accommodation.

Special Magistrate Hearing Verdict; Wait until January to see if the owner complies.

Since Christopher Longsworth has purchased the property, the swale of the property has continually been left to collect trash, have dead hedges, trees and grass and as a result the property swale looks worse than when Christopher Longsworth purchased the property in 2014.

On top of all that, the property address was changed from 4350 W. Sunrise Blvd. to 4350 NW 8th Court, so when the Special Magistrate looks at the property history, the current violation is the only one having to do with the landscaping issues.

Now back to Planning & Zoning’s Dan Holmes. My assumption is that the City of Plantation employees work for the residents. Too bad the City of Plantation employees have no clue other than to defend themselves all the time. When a resident brings an issue to the attention of the city, I only assumed, that the City would work to help the resident get the issue resolved. For over a decade I’ve basically making every effort to get the City of Plantation to hold accountable the owner of the property to maintain the property to the city codes! This is from the top down from my experience. As a result of Dan Holmes being “new” to the position my questions are answered by; “I’m new.”

We pay our taxes every year to insure that we live in an environment that we can all enjoy and be proud of. Can only explain it as the East / West Divide! If you live on the East side of the Florida Turnpike, the City of Plantation, for over a decade, has done nothing but lie and placate me.

My quality of life has been greatly impacted simply because the City of Plantation has refused to do a job my tax dollars are supposed to insure and shifted the responsibility to a resident, Neighbor against Neighbor, to get the City of Plantation to enforce the Code of the City equally and not just the west side of the City of Plantation!