Another example of how both the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association (PPEHOA) and the City of Plantation Code Enforcement FAIL totally at insuring quality of life within the Plantation Park East Community.

A home has changed ownership. The new owners are busy reconditioning the home and have thrown trash and construction debris on the swale. It has been there for over a week and neither the PPEHOA nor the City of Plantation has done a thing about it.

As a result people are now throwing their trash out the windows of their cars as they go by onto the swale of the new Strata development, previously the Plantation Business Park.

If the City of Plantation or the PPEHOA is not willing to enforce the code and insure the quality of life within the Plantation Park East Community, why should I. Since October of 2015, have stopped any investment in improving my exterior property other than to mow the lawn. No trimming, no weed eating, just mowing. The property now resembles the swale of the Strata at Plantation property. Even though my irrigation system is on a well, guess I should quit spending the money on the electricity to power the pump. That is next!

Drove by the property today and there is a big red card on the door. Why does it take the City of Plantation to pit neighbor against neighbor to get action? Why is Code Enforcement NOT patrolling the area? The City can deny it left and right, all I say is the debris has been on the swale for over a week now. Guess they only come through on paydays!

Why are these Code Enforcement employees held accountable? But then again, if the Police Chief is not held responsible for a quarter of a million dollars missing from evidence, then why should ANY employee of the City of Plantation be held accountable. Wonder why the City of Plantation keeps raising our taxes when all others are lowering them?