Although I have requested documents and clarification in emails to the Developer, I have not received a response since March 9th!

The developer has requested that he not be quoted without written approval from him. Well, can’t post what I do not get.

Although I have been a proponent of the project since inception, what I have been told and what has been happening are two different things.

Originally, it was an 18 month turn around from completion of the project, that was July of 2014! I cannot totally fault the Developer, the City of Plantation and the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association can take that responsibility!

In the time since I have dealt with the eyesore and non-compliance with the City of Plantation codes of the swale adjacent to the property for well over ten years!

The City of Plantation is taking no action of the dead shrubbery, visibility of the wall surrounding the property for this entire time. Even though a resident can be cited (me) but a business is not.

Why should a resident spend their limited dollars in maintenance when a business across the street is not held to the same? As a result I have drastically reduced maintenance on my own property to mirror the same across the street!

Have asked for copies of the project to be sent not once but twice and get the same response; will have someone send it to you and nothing. Just would like to post it on this site to easily accessible for everyone.

My integrity is based on my word and when I commit to something, I do what I say I will and you can count on it. Just as this developer counted on me in his communication to the community, I cannot say I have gotten the same in return.