In the continuing saga of simply illustrating the divide of public services from the East side of the Florida Turnpike and the West side in the City of Plantation, the City of Plantation DOES NOT provide the same level of services you would expect from your tax dollars that all residents should expect equally throughout the entire city.

Street Sign Damage

It has now been a week since a motorist took out the street sign on NW 43rd Avenue and NW 8th Street and the City of Plantation has yet to repair the damage to the street sign.

What does this say? Either the City of Plantation Police seem to no longer patrol the area, see an issue and report it or the City of Plantation Police only react when pitting neighbor against neighbor. Instead of interaction within the community, it appears the City of Plantation Police would rather be the persecutors and continue to not provide the same service that is provided on the West side of the Florida Turnpike.

Guess I’m asking for too much from the City of Plantation Police Department!

  • Follow-up Post: August 24, 2016