As many are aware, have been vocal about the divide in the City of Plantation, with the Florida Turnpike as the dividing line. Speaking to an old friend who lived on the East side decades ago, the divide was a topic back then as well.

With the East of the Turnpike south side of Broward Blvd. having a mandatory Home Owners Association and the Northside of Broward Blvd. having a voluntary Home Owners Association, was told that, at the time, they would combine forces to remove the divide.

It seems nothing has changed other than the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA) creating its own divide caused by the leadership of the PPEHOA and as a result the PPEHOA community has suffered.

With no Code Enforcement other than pitting neighbor against neighbor, it is apparent that nothing has, will or is going to change.

The East side, North or South, is not represented at all on the City of Plantation City Council. There is really something wrong with this picture.

When attending the City of Plantation City Council meetings, seeing the GFWC Plantation Woman’s Club give tens of thousands of dollars in donations to the West side and give two TVs to the East side’s Jim Ward Center, is not at all equitable. Let alone the Federal Government disbursing grants for improved mass transit bus stops and out of thirteen bus stops planned for improvement and the City of Plantation City Council does not designate one on the East side, oh wait, one was for the North side of Sunrise Blvd. at 47th Avenue. None on the Broward Blvd. corridor.

Without representation on the City of Plantation City Council, it’s never going to change. Maybe with the election coming up and the rules now being that the City of Plantation elections coincide with the general election, just maybe there can be a change to improve the community equality on both sides of the divide!