For the second time in less than a week, the City of Plantation Police Department felt my safety was in such jeopardy that they closed NW 8th Street at 43rd Avenue to anyone. Meaning no cars, no walking on the sidewalk, simply being held in your own home, for hours, for my own safety?

The first night at least the City of Plantation Police Officer was approachable and would, to his credit, gave me an idea of what was happening and it only lasted for one or two hours.

Last night was different. The City of Plantation Police Officer got out of his car in riot gear. With the helmet and face shield standing guard right there in the City of Plantation on the corner of 43rd and 8th! I travel these roads all the time.

This officer was more, shall we say, diligent in his work. Not approachable, almost seemed nervous. As if he was scared to do his job. Riot gear was a bit over the top.

City of Plantation Police cars also had their lights flashing in the Strata of Plantation development. Without no one communicating, what may have transpired on the Strata of Plantation development, previously known as the Plantation Business Park, spilled out into the Plantation Park East community.

Sure would like to know what the parameters set in law that an individual has the right to disrupt so many resident lives, not only by closing the road, but also the fear in the kids’ faces that came to the corner as a regular commuting crossed paths.

This is the City of Plantation, the tree city, where the “grass is greener”, not a military controlled base with riot gear expected. The City of Plantation Police seem to feel that strength over community involvement.