Attending the meeting last night I was disappointed about the turnout. The new “emergency access” egress on 8th street was a major topic of discussion.

The City of Plantation’s fire representative was there and, in my opinion, really could not explain the reason for it. Especially after the developer admitted that if the property went commercial, as it is now instead of residential, would result in more density but yet no requirement of an egress for the last two decades.  Also remember that with commercial property the chance of exposure to toxic and flammable materials would be much greater.

His explanation for the “emergency access” egress was response time. He told me that requiring the “emergency access”  egress got his response time down to between four and half and five minutes.

Using google maps directions, the travel time from the fire station to the property using the existing access was five minutes.

Google_Map_Fire_Driving Time

In addition the 46th and 8th street medians would deter the response time of any emergency vehicle trying to access the property increasing the response time. As well as responding the opposite direction of the one way, one lane street it currently is.

Not one official could guarantee that in the future the “emergency access” egress would not be turned into an access for the project.

As I said before, it is the developers choice to modify the traffic pattern within the project that resulted in the requirement and will not support ANY access into the community from the project.