City of Plantation 2018 Election Choices

Please make sure you bookmark the City Of Plantation Current Candidates web page for the next municipal election that will be held on November 6, 2018. The Offices up for election on this date are Mayor, Group 1 and Group 2 Council Members.

City of Plantation Elections

The Mayor and five Council members are elected to four-year staggered terms on a non-partisan basis. The City of Plantation holds Elections every two years in even numbers years in November. The City Council is divided into 5 groups to be voted on city-wide. All seats are elected at-large meaning Plantation has no districts. (See City of Plantation Charter)

The City of Plantation City Clerk is the local supervisor of elections for all municipal elections. All prospective candidates for municipal office must file the appropriate paper work with the City Clerk prior to opening a campaign bank account.

All municipal elections are held in accordance with the provisions of Title IX, Florida Statutes (Chapters 97-106).

For further information please contact the City Clerk, Susan Slattery at 954-797-2719 or

As a note: This is the election cycle that can make the difference in the City of Plantation or continue the same good old boy administration. The Plantation Park East community has been sold short on services, maintenance and improvements. Current and past administrations has created a East / West divide that visibly shows the divide the minute you travel on Broward Blvd. under the Florida Turnpike overpass. Green lush inviting landscaping to a concrete staggered wall east of the overpass.

It is time for a change from the issues that have plagued the City of Plantation. Just a couple of issues:

  • Selective Code Enforcement
  • Blue Bags
  • Tax Rates!

Would like to get the candidates views on these issues and please contact me to add.

Go to the Contact page and scroll down to Contact PPEHOA Has Got To Go!


List of Polling Precincts in Plantation

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