October 28, 2016 Sun Sentinel Article

The City of Plantation lost their lawsuit against the Hyatt’s!

Cannot not say that there is ANY winner here. After following this issue like many City of Plantation residents, I think everyone has lost!

You can compare this result and bring the issue down to one thing; in today’s society we just do not know how to COMPROMISE!

Everyone involved in this issues are simply BULLIES!

  • Bully – City of Plantation:
    • Have read that the reason for the escalation was that the City of Plantation wanted to get revenue from the Hyatt’s. Either by trying to make the Hyatt’s pay fees to continue their show or suggesting that the Hyatt’s charge for entrance to the display and share revenue.
    • Police Chief W. Howard Harrison led the fight against the Hyatt’s and made the issue worse by trying to deter traffic to the Hyatt’s display and as a result the entire neighborhood suffered because Police Chief W. Howard Harrison ordered roads closed and parking limitations.
    • The City of Plantation’s inability to compromise on the issue has now cost the City of Plantation’s tax payers around a half a million dollars and still counting…
  • Bully – The Hyatt’s:
    • Granted with the interaction with Police Chief W. Howard Harrison, I probably would have done the same and threw down the gauntlet and filed litigation myself!
    • The reason I put the Hyatt’s in this category is that the display is just a bit over the top. Their inability to take the entire neighborhood to this extreme was and is selfish of them. For as many years that they have put this display on I know if I was one of their neighbors we would definitely have an issue.


As an indication of the dissatisfaction of the community, the Hyatt’s only raised $1,475 on Go Fund Me out of a $50,000 goal. Noe with Mr. Hyatt running for a City of Plantation City Council seat. Guess the old saying when it comes to home owner associations, if you don’t like what is going on, run for a seat…

Although the ruling allows the Hyatt’s to continue their display, the fines associated with the Code Violations amounting just short of $10k! Is this the reason Mr. Hyatt is running for a City of Plantation City Council seat?

The buck stops with Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic but I really believe she is just listening to Police Chief W. Howard Harrison who from my history of interaction with him, believe that he is a bully that not only is a Police Officer but the City of Plantation’s Police Chief!

Maybe he also needs to go!