Just paid my December 2k16 City of Plantation Water bill and all I can say is just WOW! $86.63! Some people are probably saying I wish that was my bill but…

Keeping an excel spreadsheet of every bill I pay since purchasing this home in 2k02, 2k03 being the first full year when the annual total cost of water was, ready for this, $282.18.

Now paying the last bill of 2k16 the total annual City of Plantation Water Bill has now risen to $681.83! A 416% increase for just one utility from the City of Plantation!

Although the 2k15 annual City of Plantation Water costs were a whopping  $719.95! Over 550% increase for that year alone.

Before anyone says anything, let me make this clear, I have installed highly efficient shower heads and toilets. The toilets being changed in 2k09 and the shower heads in 2k15.

Now thanks to the Ad Valorem Bonds that were passed back in November that will not benefit the Plantation Park East community will raise every homeowners’ taxes about $100 depending on the value of the home.

Talk about a East / West Divide having the East (Plantation Park East) subsidizing the improvements being done on the West side of the turnpike!

By the way, you can not even get the same service that the West side enjoys; Police Protection, Code Enforcement, oh wait, Code Enforcement of the residents but NOT the Strata at Plantation / Invesca Development Group project on the old Plantation Business Park Property!

And what does the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association do NOTHING!