If you have received your November City of Plantation Water Bill there are new additional charges!

Being surprised myself but basically drumming it up to living in the City of Plantation.

A resident was kind to send a copy of his email to Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic. Have retracted their name but this is the email he sent:

Subject: water Uilitity bill charge

Hello, Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic

As a resident of plantation I am dispute the following charges that is on my current bill.
Recycbag Svcs charge = $1.92
SldWsteBag Svc charge = $9.96, what are these charges for and why am I been charge. when I buy my plantation bags from Publix, 20 bags which cost $16 plus, I notice that it doesn't comes with recycling bags anymore, and the bags of 10 wish cost $8.50 only comes with 3 recycling bags. I'm irate that residents are being charge $10.88 on their utility water bill, no discount for the purchases of these bags are offered to resident at all, this is an outrage, if we going to be charge it seems we should be paying zero dollars or $2.38 for bag of 10
 $5.12 for bag of 20
also I don't recall receiving notice of above increase charge nor was there any mention of these increase on our local election ballot.

what are these charges below for : I am already paying for water & sewer, again what these additional fee below for.
Swr Res Base chrg = $16.48
Wtr Res Base Chrg = $12.94

please advise these charges -

When first moved here in 2002 my City of Plantation Water Bil was $21.00. Just got my November bill and it’s $65!!!!

Please tell me, getting any other services, improvement in services? Not that I see! Paying a lot more for the same service I have received in 2002. No wait; less services! The City of Plantation used to tag your door 24hrs before your water service is disconnected and today the City of Plantation give no prior notice. Plus the re-connect fees have sky rocketed and the time to get your service reconnected has shrank!

Looks like the only thing getting greener are the pockets of the City of Plantation!