Last night during the February 24, 2016 City of Plantation Council Meeting a surprise was in store for me. In a complete turnaround, the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA), with the exception of one of its officers, no longer had any objection to the proposed Strata development planned for the Plantation Business Park property. The exception being the one who has supported the project since it was first addressed by the City Council.

Instead of encouraging dialog to improve the community, the President of the PPEHOA has worked out a deal, after being told of commercial viability studies showing that there is absolutely no viability of continuing under the present zoning on the property and as the reason for the proposal of residential, the President of the PPEHOA has dropped his objections for a promise of another commercial viability study for the remainder of the property after the property development is complete.

None of the issues concerning the Plantation Park East community were discussed. A few of the issues: during the construction phase, to have some type of commitment to a percentage of licensed, experienced contractors that reside in the Plantation Park East community constructing the development. Lighting the 8th street and 46th avenue swales and the issue of the impact fees. Amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, where will that money be spent? Here in Plantation Park East or west of the turnpike in other parts of the City of Plantation that will not be effected by the development.

The PPEHOA did absolutely nothing, never attended a City Council Meeting or any other type of involvement with the last development attempt on the property and now thrown in their largest denomination chip for a promise.

Really wish the City of Plantation would disband the PPEHOA or have a complete change in leadership to maybe look out for this community.