Propaganda O’Neil Chin & Sandy Gracey

This evening the developer of the Strata project took time out of his busy schedule to spend over an hour and a half and show me the revised plans for the project.

As I said be before, the amount of effort, time and expense this developer has expended is enormous! To have two individuals, whom have yet to make any kind of statement to me by either knocking on my door or an email is a true indicator of the total disregard of this community! These people and this association DO NOT represent me as a resident of this community and how the City of Plantation allows them to claim representation is damaging this community!

The developer took time to, on his own, stop by the last “Plantation Park East Home Owners Association” (PPEHOA) meeting and according to him, six people attended.

It seems O’Neil Chin & Sandy Gracey feel that it is alright to disparage the project out of total ignorance and is completely typical for the PPEHOA.

O’Neil Chin has made a number of commitments and comments that he will respond to this site, but yet NOTHING!  Have now add Facebook comments and making completely convenient for anyone to respond but NOTHING!

There is traffic to the site, people are looking but do not want to participate and would rather be ignorantly negative, instead of making informed decisions and repeatedly bring up the same issues that the developer has addressed.

Traffic and density have been repeatedly dealt with over and over again but O’Neal Chin and Sandy Gracey seem to have their own agenda to derail the project. I say the whole PPEHOA needs to go!

The revised plans will be posted here shortly and look for announcements in the mail of a community meeting and City Council date for the project.