My June 30th post about a motorist who took out the street sign on NW 43rd Avenue and NW 8th Street and the City of Plantation has yet to repair the damage to the street sign.

Now almost two months later and the sign has yet to be repaired. Not one City of Plantation Public Works or City of Plantation Police Officer has come through the neighborhood and if they had, not report it to have the sign repaired.

Actually took my time to find out what department to report to and have now called and reported the sign being downed. We will see how long before the sign is repaired.

BTW; City of Plantation Public Works Department is the department I was told to call; (954) 452-2535.

The City of Plantation keeps increasing my taxes and decreases the services provided. Maybe I should send them a bill for my time! Oh, wait, another tax increase?