The City of Plantation has placed on the November Ballot not one but THREE Proposed Ad Valorem Bonds.

If you live in the Plantation Park East Community, you need to VOTE NO to all three because the ONLY improvement from these bonds is a proposal to upgrade the street lighting in Plantation Park East. There is one other proposal for Park East, Stormwater Utility Improvements. The issue with the latter, back in 2013 a Stormwater Utility Non Ad Valorem Assessment of $30.00 was added to our annual taxes paid through Broward County.

When will it end? How many times can residents pay for the same thing with just another name? “Non Ad Valorem Assessment” or “Ad Valorem Bond” for Stormwater Utility Improvement?

If you see my September 26, 2016, Mayor’s Council – September 15, 2016 & June 1, 2016, Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic has been educating the City Council about the Ad Valorem Bonds in preparation for adding these Ad Valorem Bonds to the ballot.

Contained in the annual Volunteer Fire Fighter BBQ a flyer was included in the envelope. In my mind Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic utilized a platform that should not have been used to convey the proposed bonds, but what do I know!

Doing a bunch of research I have attached documentation from the City of Plantation to document that, as I have said, will NOT benefit Plantation Park East and will not have ANY Return On Investment from the bonds!

“Horace McHugh, Plantation’s chief administrative officer, said if all the city and county bonds pass, the city would borrow less than $60 million and use county infrastructure money to make up the difference.” Government having an open check book and saying they will not use it all; Never Happen!

Sale Tax Referendums

The tax would rise to 7 percent for the next 30 years if voters approve the two surtaxes on the ballot: one half-cent for city infrastructure, one half-cent for county transportation improvements.

This Penny Sales Tax can do great harm to local business by making them even less competitive in pricing over eCommerce.

Many brick and mortar local business already have a tough time with the State of Florida having a voluntary mandate of not collecting sales taxes on Internet out of state purchases.

Now add an additional dollar for every hundred spent, $7.00 instead of $6.00 and local brick and mortar businesses cannot compete.

Wonder why businesses are fleeing the City of Plantation!