Attending the January 13th, 2016 City of Plantation Council Meeting it has now become very apparent how dysfunctional this current political environment is. First, let me get off track and comment on another item on the agenda; Plantation Garbage Contract.

As directed by the City Council, the staff of the City of Plantation spent countless hours of city expense to provide a presentation of the timeline, bidding process and recommendations of securing a new contract that has been delayed now for over a year. From the timeline I saw, this process has encompassed just about two years. Discussions before the City Council were numerous.

With all that effort of the staff, let alone the companies doing the business and all this time Councilmember Dr. Robert A. Levy decided to bring up a new option! To offer Home Owners Associations the ability to opt out of the Blue Bag collection, the City of Plantation is so famous for, and allow a Home Owners Association an option to offer Cart Garbage Collection.

I do not believe that Councilmember Dr. Robert A. Levy has any idea of the cost effect of his timely suggestion and nor do other Council Members and because of Councilmember Dr. Robert A. Levy’s timely suggestion they again delayed the vote and voted to scrap all this time and expense and have it all done again!

The bidders were told by the City of Plantation to prepare presentations for the City Council and had people there to present to the City Council. With Councilmember Dr. Robert A. Levy’s suggestion the City Council decided not to even give the bidders the opportunity to speak and make their presentation!

Waste of Time & Money! My Tax Dollars and the Companies that are bidding in the process money and they wonder why only two out of six companies actually bid on the contract! The exact reason why companies are fleeing the City of Plantation! American Express, Whole Foods and although Trader Joe’s was never in the City of Plantation they went across the street to Davie! Fashion Mall still a ghost mall! With all of that, the City of Plantation’s attack on the residents “Hyatt Extreme Christmas”. Spend our tax dollars!