WOW! Just noticed it has been over a year that this site has been publicly accessible. Although the original purpose of the site was and still is, to rid this community of a entity that has not done a thing for this community!

July, 2014; developer of the Strata at Plantation development proposes the project to two members of the community. Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA), with the President of the PPEHOA, also a chair on the Building and Development Board, opposes the project and the site was born!

The developer has successfully obtained the needed zoning and code changes to start to offer the properties of the project.

Since the first encounter with the developer, it has been made crystal clear that the swale bordering the project on the west and south would need to be made a priority to bring up to code. My “Broken Promises” , II, III, IV, posts detail how the swale continues to be an eye sore in the community!

Wanting to document the “Eats/West Divide” as I call it, the posts on this site show how the City of Plantation does nothing to improve the east side of the city.

A good example would have to be from the Mayor’s Council post where the Mayor of Plantation has proposed new taxes for “improvements” to the city but when you read the fine print, not one improvement in Park East! There was a “maintenance” item for Park East that should have been taken care of within the cities budget but has been let to disrepair and now wants to tax us more to do the job that she should have been doing in the first place. My Vote is to Vote NO for any additional taxes.

While both focusing  on the Strata at Plantation project, have started posting some helpful posts. For instance:  Sunrise Blvd & Turnpike Modification Project, Almost a non-stop commute for me upon completion but it will be a long time!

Just added a calendar and will start to add events.