After years of looking at a trash swale the INVESCA Development Group has finally started work on the swale.

It is still attracting the trash that happens when your property is not properly maintained!

Although according to City of Plantation Ordinances, any barrier longer than four feet parallel to a street must have shrubbery in front of it.

Almost three years to get this far, lets see how long the INVESCA Development Group takes to bring the swale to code…

**Update** April 4, 2017

Since the last picture posted was taken Valentines Day, NOTHING!

INVESCA Development Group could care less about their neighbors. Have looked at a wall for months now that we all know is supposed to be blocked by shrubbery according to City of Plantation Code Ordinances.  With the Selective Enforcement within the Plantation Park East community it may be years before the INVESCA Development Group gets around to doing what is right for their neighbors!