INVESCA Development Group Lies

July will be three years ago that I sat down with Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the INVESCA Development Group that is developing the Strata at Plantation town-home community.

At the time, I was promised the swale directly across from my property would be brought up to code. Three years and Lied about the time-frame! The property continues to attract trash simply because the swale looks like a trash dump and people are treating it that way.

Am now being contacted, not by perspective buyers, by actual buyers who had been promised their homes would be completed by May. Although the INVESCA Development Group has finally removed the final remaining building of the Plantation Business Park, they have yet to pour the first drop of concrete.

INVESCA Development Group is NOT communicating with their customers to give them some understanding of the future progress of the development. A quote from a purchaser: “made several inquiries at the office and they say it’s moving accordingly.  Has any other buyer reviewed your site for information or updates?  Strata provides no update on construction delays or advancement.” More Lies.

Christopher Longsworth was adamant that property values increase around where he develops. Well three years later and there is no way that the property value increases in that time can be attributed to his property development. The freshly painted wall that surrounds and divides our property is still an eyesore.

My own opinion is and has been that I would not trust Christopher Longsworth’s word for anything and I warn other area’s that his INVESCA Development Group is not to be trusted.