Simple Respect

As many are aware, my concerns about the swale of Christopher Longsworth, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, INVESCA Development Group’s, Strata at Plantation. My support of the project and trust that was broke by the lies of the commitments Christopher Longsworth made.

Have to give my respect to City of Plantation Police Chief Howard Harrison, with the issue we had between us, Chief Harrison at least, showed me respect enough to speak to me, give me the opportunity to convey my issue and we are able to greet, acknowledge and have a conversation. For that, I have the utmost respect for him!

On the other hand, attending the City of Plantation City Council meeting June 27, 2018, had no idea that Christopher Longsworth also attended. Looks like he gained so much weight I did not recognize him until after leaving the meeting and speaking with others outside City Hall, he bullied his way through our conversation and finally realized who he was when one of the individuals called his name.

True example of who he really is!

Have no regrets of supporting his project but another neighbor told me, and I now confirm it, never trust a developer and especially Christopher Longsworth!