Cleaning out old files, came across one of the long gone benefits of being a member and living in the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association, the Parkeast Voice!

Residents paid $10 a year to receive it. Although it looks like it was filled with advertising from politicians, this is the last issue I received, dated February 2013!  Have others, if requested to post.

Wonder what was done with the money???

The inability for the Park East Home Owners Association to do ANYTHING for this community is a disgrace. Having the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association name as a non-profit business that, I am sure, has to compensate it’s officers,  is also a disgrace.

Will not tolerate this association to represent themselves for this community. The same individuals have been officers for years. As a result, there is no participation. As another result, no one else will step up to run for an officer position simply because no one attends the meetings anymore. Even the present officers do not show up all the time to have a legitimate (Quorum) meeting. After the complete incompetence of the President to represent and negotiate with a major development for this community, it is enough to prove the current President is all about himself and not the community!

The Plantation Park East Home Owners Association Has Got To Go!