Coincidence or Corruption?

Ten Years

For literally ten years having to do the City of Plantation‘s Code Enforcement has now come to a crossroad. Please afford me this reflection of issues:

The Plantation Park East community has been ostracized from the rest of the city. By not investing in the community, the city has neglected services allowing the deterioration and crime. The Plantation Park East Homeowners Association, with whom this site has tried to convey it’s uselessness, has done nothing to improve the community.

Plantation Park East Homeowners Association

For the last two months, attending the City of Plantation City Council Meetings, there has only been one instance of the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association attending. That was for the hearing on the Wood Stone 248 Apartment project. Just the Vice President, Joseph Drisdom stood up and voiced his displeasure in the thought of 248 apartments being built in the community. Not the President, O’Neil Chin, Treasurer, Sandra Gracey or any other member thought it important enough to oppose the Wood Stone 248 Apartment project!

Plantation Business Park

Having the City of Plantation City Council Meeting minutes from January of 2009 documents the horrendous neglect of the swale of the Plantation Business Park property. From having the Council President, at the time, Diane Veltri Bendekovic come to my home and walk the property seeing the dead trees, shrubbery, grass and trash on the property. Then having Rico Petrocelli, again at the time the Council President, do the exact same thing.

Achieving the property being improved but NEVER maintained properly or complying with the city ordinances. The entire time the property had been cited many times but yet NEVER fined a dime.

INVESCA Development Group

Christopher Longsworth, CEO of Invesca Development Group

Christopher Longsworth

Because of my involvement trying to get the property to comply with the City of Plantation Ordinances, in 2014 Christopher Longsworth, Founder/CEO INVESCA Development Group Inc. was starting his Strata at Plantation project and Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic told him to come see me.

When he came to our meeting, I asked a neighbor to attend as well. He told us about the project and we explained that both of us were tired of condition of the swale of the property. All we both asked was to have the swale brought up to city code and that the wall not be compromised with no access to the community and we would support and help get him the zoning building and landscape variances he need to start the project.

Strata at Plantation

Trying to negotiate improvements on the swale of Strata at Plantation such as a dog walking path and/or lighting the length of the swale, initially, the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association would not and did not support the project. Fought it until the vote, both President, O’Neil Chin and Treasurer, Sandra Gracey conveying their objections but stating they would drop their objections to the project.

During this time the swale was continuing to be neglected. Christopher Longsworth committed to me a grand design for the swale.

Turns out just to be another lie. His grand design was simply filling in the chain link spaces with cement block and painting.

In 2016 I had had enough and went back to the City Council. Strata was cited in September of 2016 and the entire matter just dropped by the City of Plantation Code Enforcement. See: Corruption at City of Plantation City Hall!


Back in April, City Council President Lynn Stoner came to my home to walk the Strata at Plantation swale. Feeling at the time that both City Council President Lynn Stoner and Police Captain Gellar, who accompanied us for the walk, were defending Christopher Longsworth instead of being shocked at the condition of the swale. Also joining us was the same neighbor from the first meeting with Christopher Longsworth whom Strata at Plantation swale adjoins and has the same frustrations I have.

Was told that I should see improvements within 30 days. Of course, nothing was done. Starting with the May 9th City of Plantation City Council Meeting I spoke conveying my displeasure with nothing being done.

Over the month of May attending City of Plantation City Council Meetings, Special Magistrate Meetings and the Plantation Gateway Development District Advisory Board Luncheon. Conveying my issues must have struck a nerve.

On May 31, 2018, Diana Berchielli, Chief Landscape Plans Examiner updated the 56: Check for Hearing Compliance as COMPLIED! Without the property being in compliance! On June 18th was told by Diana Berchielli that the Building Director directed the landscaping team to not pursue fines. A Notice of Violation was sent to Christopher Longsworth detailing the modifications needed to have the swale up to code and if not completed by July 13th the matter would be sent to the Special Magistrate to assign fines.

Arriving home after the June 18th meeting there were crews actually working on the swale. From June 18th till today there has been on and off work done but to date the property is still not in compliance to the Notice of Violation.

Coincidence or Corruption?

Replying to City of Plantation Council President Lynn Stoner response to a post on Facebook, stating that my issues were resolved when they were not and have not been resolved. Being furious that the Wood Stone 311 N. SR7 project had been approved on the first hearing. It was the first project of that magnitude of zoning building and landscape ordinances variances I have ever seen passed at the first hearing.

Council President Lynn Stoner posted pictures that she took driving through the community. After explaining that the property had not been brought into compliance and Council President Lynn Stoner responding with the images, having to go outside to the property taking pictures of the non-compliance and post as responses, I was perplexed at the reason a resident who has spent an exorbitant amount of time doing the job of City of Plantation employees was not believed!

Reviewing the City of Plantation‘s Current Candidates web page for the 2018 November Elections and selecting the 2018M6 Lynn Stoner-Mayor and reading the Itemized Contributions Campaign Report for June I found what may be the reason for the protection of the Strata at Plantation swale.

There are three $1,000 dollar contributions, for a total of $3,000 and the highest campaign contributor from Christopher Longsworth‘s companies to Council President Lynn Stoner campaign for Mayor:

  1. $1,000 – Envy Dev PB – 4350 NW 8 Court
  2. $1,000 – Strata Group LLC – 4350 NW 8 Court
  3. $1,000 – Invesca Development Group – 4350 NW 8 Court
Christopher Longsworths Businesses

Christopher Longsworths Businesses

Image Source: corporationwiki