PPEHOA Notified

A few moments ago I sent and email to the PPEHOA email address plantationparkeast@hotmail.com notifying them of this web site and my feelings concerning their position on the development of the Plantation Business Park:


As I have voiced my opinion directly in one of the Plantation Park East Homeowner Association (PPEHOA) meetings before, I do not believe the PPEHOA represents the community nor is effective in any way and should no longer be able to represent this community. After both Chin and yourself coming out against a project that the developer has bent over backwards to accommodate the concerns of the community, when the community as a whole was present at the Public Information Meeting back on February 18, 2015. I believe this project is great for the community and I don’t believe the PPEHOA has the community’s best interest toward the project.

This is first developer who has come to the community with a vested interest, meaning he is not just developing the property and running, like Park Place of Plantation. He plans and wants to be part of the community and invested heavily in the project. He scaled his project back at the request of the participants of the Public Information Meeting back on February 18, 2015 and also resolved the other major concern of traffic within the community by making the eastern exit of the property an Emergency Entrance / Exit Only.

If I remember correctly, neither you nor Chin attended but you claim to represent the community and opposing this project is not good for this community. Sorry if time was inconvenient but this was a major project for this community and yes, I had to leave work to attend. Why would you oppose a project neither of you knew about when I came to the PPEHOA meeting on February 17? Even after being informed about the project neither of you have tried to reach out to the developer. The only reason for me to be involved was after the first meeting with the developer I reached out to him on many occasions and at times he took a while to respond to me but he did and feel I had a very good relationship with him until the Planning and Zoning Board meeting. To my surprise, I see Chin sitting on the board and the only individuals opposing the project were the uninformed officers of the PPEHOA!

Have created this site that has both domain names pointed to it to convey MY best interest, living directly adjacent to the development. Having been involved with the developer from the start, I am trying to convey the information to the community that I am aware from attending the meetings with the developer and convey my displeasure of the disapproval of the PPEHOA Board members.

I am now reaching out to you and would to Chin too, if I had his email, to let you know about the site before another resident lets you know and you say no one told you about it. I do not play politics, as you are aware I am a blunt person and believe this is the best option for the property and this community. Because you represent the PPEHOA, I want you to understand that from this point on ANY correspondence will be posted on the site for full disclosure.