The following was sent today to:

Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic
City Council Members:
Ron Jacobs
Dr. Robert Levy
Lynn Stoner
Peter Tingom
Chris Zimmerman
Police Chief W. Howard Harrison
Code Enforcement Supervisor Theresa Alexandrich
Christopher LongsworthInvesca Founder/Chief Executive Officer

To the Mayor and Council Members,

My last effort to hold the Invesca Development Group  / Strata at Plantation property swale accountable to City Code was September 13th and quite frankly I’ve been at wits end believing that the City of Plantation has not made the effort to get the property owner to comply.

Looked up the property on the Online Activity Search feature of site and was pleased to find on September 19th the property was cited for violations.

But now other issues have now come to light with the property owner doing nothing to comply in not only this issue but with two previous Building Code Violations dating back to June 13th and 19th.

The Building Code Violations are still open. Just assuming the owner opened his Invesca Development Group in the building without the proper permits. Along with the Super School that is housing disabled children!

In the same defiance of City of Plantation code, he has made no effort to correct the swale issue that has now deteriorated in some areas again to dirt and trash! I say again because this now mirrors the condition the property swale was in back when Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic was Council President(?) and visited my home to walk the property.

Here is the holiday season again and another year of these issues with an owner whom promises everything but has yet to deliver anything.

My question now stands is how a commercial business violate the City Code and not be fined? I understand that with the Building Code Violations he will have increased fees for his expired or non-existent permits but not being fined to deter future noncompliance.

My last email resulted in just Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic and Councilmember Lynn Stoner responding and no one else. I am shocked that for 14 years I have been just asking to hold this commercial property owner held to the same standards of the City of Plantation and I continue to have to contact you to get the property owner to comply.

Back when I was tagged with a Landscape violation it was made clear that I had ten days to resolve or face a $100 a day fine. I respected the City of Plantation Landscape Violation and complied.

Why does is this commercial property not being held to the same?