Another example of the East / West Divide:

From the City of Plantation web site Code Enforcement page:

Code Enforcement Common Violations to Avoid Commercial Vehicles – Any commercial vehicle or bus parked in a residential district is prohibited unless it is completely enclosed in a garage, within the confines of a carport or parked within an accessory building.

Driving through the community, in the evening, on the West side of the Florida Turnpike you are hard pressed to see a Commercial Vehicle. But on the East side of the Florida Turnpike, particularly down forty third avenue a couple of Commercial Vehicles are parked in the swale and have been parking there for years.

Eighth street also has a couple of Commercial Vehicles parked over night in the driveways.

So what’s the deal? Selective Enforcement of the Code of Ordinances? These issues effect the property values within the Plantation Park East community!

Another example of the East / West Divide and the City of Plantation pitting neighbor against neighbor because they simply are not doing the job my tax dollars are supposed to be paying for!