Saturday, October 29th, I received a Political Advertisement in the form of a letter from Kingsley Smith endorsing Dr. Robert Levy, who is currently running for re-election to the Plantation City Council.

The only reason for the endorsement is he lives on the “East side of the Turnpike.”

What has he done for the “East side of the Turnpike” communities?

After receiving this highly unusual Political Advertisement made me start to do some research on Dr. Robert Levy.

From my own experience, Dr. Robert Levy has cost the City of Plantation instead of enhancing the City of Plantation. In my January 14th, 2016, Waste of Time & Money! II, in the ninth hour of the City of Plantation Garbage Contract Dr. Robert Levy objected to the inability for Home Owner Associations to choose if they wanted to continue the “Blue Bag” model or have the choice of having their garbage pickup using Garbage Pails. See the post for details.

After looking up Dr. Robert Levy in Google some disturbing issues turned up. First and foremost is his dual positions in two different cities.  Secondly, the January, 2012 investigation by channel ten reporter Bob Norman.  Also, check his other story.  As the City Manager of Pembroke Park, with a median income in 2012 of 25k, he is making TEN times what the average resident of the city is making and when asked why he believes he should make more than the City Manager of the City of Miami, he justified it with “he has more help!” attributes it to having four degrees!

And just another controversial story.

Really! This is not public service, it’s wrong! In 2012, he was making $250k from the City of Pembroke Park and $60k from the City of Plantation. Wow, don’t get me wrong, do believe that people should be paid what they deserve but TEN TIMES the median income. But what about the residents of the city? Their taxes have to be tremendous.

My biggest issue, with Dr. Robert Levy living on the “East side of the Turnpike,” why hasn’t he directed more resources to the area? The “East / West Divide” is visually imparting the moment you are heading east on Broward Blvd. and pass the turnpike.

How many years has Dr. Robert Levy been on the City Council and could not find any way to improve the concrete barrier running on the north side of Broward Blvd.?  Being the south border of the Plantation Park East Community and the Plantation Park East Home Owners Association.

Budget responsibility has shown that Dr. Robert Levy has continually voted to increase our taxes. I know for sure that he has done absolutely nothing every time I have gone before the City Council to assist me in my continual effort of trying to get the swale of the Plantation Business Park, now, Strata at Plantation and home to the Invesca Development Group corporate office and Super School! A number of the Council members have visited me personally to experience the issues, but not Dr. Robert Levy! Every time I email my concerns, Dr. Robert Levy has not bothered to reply.

Must be nice to be making that kind of money on the shoulders of residents who are just trying to enjoy their lives. Must have cost a lot of money to reproduce Kingsley Smith’s letter and the postage to mail to the Plantation Park East Community!

Sorry but after my experience with Dr. Robert Levy will not be receiving my vote!